Project –Corporate Office, Kanchan Pharma

Area – 3500 SQFT

Location – Bhiwandi, Mumbai

Kanchan Pharma’s headquarters, where innovation and tranquility seamlessly come together in a biophilic-inspired interior design. Despite the challenge of limited natural light and ventilation, our approach focused on creating a harmonious space that blends nature with functionality.

The entrance features a palette reflecting Kanchan Pharma’s brand colors, combined with pristine white for purity and sophistication. Strategic lighting replicates the warmth of sunlight, dispelling any sense of confinement in the absence of natural light.

Open-layout workstations promote collaboration, while meeting rooms with clear glass walls provide ample natural light and a visual link to the surrounding workspace. Greenery is thoughtfully integrated throughout, adding a touch of nature to enhance the overall atmosphere.

Modern, functional furniture complements Kanchan Pharma’s clean corporate identity. Artful branding elements, including subtly incorporated logos, visually reinforce the brand.