Project – Interior Design Mr. Madhusudan Atmakuri

Area – 3600 SQFT

Location –  PAnchshil One North, Magarpatta City, Pune, India

This is a 3600 Sqft 4.5 BHAK apartment at Panchashil One North, in a high end society in Pune. The apartment was designed for the owners, their 2 kids, presently 13 year old Boy, an 11 year old Girl and the eldest in the family – the grandmother. Considering work from home culture, the 0.5 bedroom which was considered as servant’s room was converted to a make shift office space with a proper workstation and a foldable bed incase of long working hours at night. The grandmother room had an inlay of saree in the wardrobe shutters and the entire room was designed to look traditional and soothing. Metal furniture was designed in the son’s room to show muscularity and daughter’s room had more curved lines to depict her soft and caring nature.