Interior designing is like fashion and the likes of it changes with time and taste is relative from person to person. All you need to access is, whether your taste matches with the taste of the designer. The moment you feel the synergy, you can go ahead with him/her. Interior design is a field where the functional aspect is well understood mostly in every design studio and the only major differentiator is how one deals with the aesthetics part of it. Secondly, after conceiving an idea, the designer has the bandwidth to imagine and execute the idea and get the desired result.     For us at Green Hat Studio the most challenging aspect is, how to come up with a solution which is fresh and that can help us stay ahead of our competitors. A designer who can challenge everything under the roof and can come up with a fresh solution is the right choice for the job. In the race against time, often, a repetitive solution is mostly what every designer ends up with or else, with google so easily available, creativity takes a back seat and the solution is mostly copied from someone else’s work. There is a lot of difference between learning from someone and copying from someone and the moment copying works out well, then the effort to come up with out of the box solution diminishes.    The syllabus in interior design changes everyday and to catch up with the change is exceedingly vital for every designer. A designer who is open to change and changes rapidly with the world, can give a product, which is ahead of its time. Companies are introducing new materials as we speak, as considerable amount of money in pumped in on researchers to come up with new ideas. So it is very important for any designer to keep his/her eyes and ears open and gather as much information as possible from around the world through print media, exhibitions and traveling as much as possible. A well-travelled designer has much more to offer than the one confining to one area.   Last and the most important aspect is execution of the project. If the process is crisp, clear and well-defined, then the journey becomes more enjoyable and the final outcome is a mere spin-off of the process through which the project has gone by. If you are invested in know more about the process of interior designing, then feel free to download the E-book from our website I hope it will give you better clarity and eventually make your work easier to understand and implement. Incase you have any doubt, pls feel free to contact us.