Money saved is money earned! The knowledge and experience of a home interior designer can not only help you in getting your dream house but can also save for you a lot of money which is the biggest advantage in today’s market. Market changes every day, with newer materials and numerous options. We have tried to list a few ways through which an interior designer can help clients save money.

Home Interior Design Stage:

  1. Understanding your requirements and designing just the right size of furniture is from where the designer starts saving money for you. Designer understands volume and so can get the dimensions correctly. For example, wardrobes are supposedly one of the most expensive elements in a house, so the designer can understand what all is to be accommodated and what should be the size for the items to be accommodated inside it.
  2. Material in the market is available in standard sizes. If the furniture is not designed considering these standards, then it might attract wastage and you will end up spending more. Same is the case with tiling work. Tiling patterns if not designed considering the size of the tiles available in the marked can allure unnecessary wastage.
  3. Smart designs can reduce the amount of hardware used. We at Green Hat Studio try not to use handles from the market in our furniture, which we think help us save a bit for our clients.

Interior Design Material Selection:

  1. In this huge industry, there are various ways to get better discounts. So it is important to know from where can we get the best rates for the raw material required to build furniture or any other design element. Designers understand the market and can help you get the best rates.
  2. There are various finishing materials available in the market like laminates, Veneer, Duco paint etc. Based on the budget, designer can help you go with the right material so that you don’t overspend and the project is delivered within the allocated budget too.
  3. Choosing the right electrical fittings not only saves the purchase cost but can also save the running cost for years to come. Designers are hands-on with this knowledge and can guide you for maximum benefits.
  Home interior designer - Bamboo used for furniture  

Importance Of Market Study:

Understanding that the market changes every day and innovations are happening as we speak, it is imperative to be abreast with new materials and methodologies. Many a times new materials can give the same effect as some old material but is less expensive.This definitely comes with experience and after being in constant touch with the market by practice and literature.


Not only with material, having a designer by your side can get the best labour rates for you without being cheated. It is important to ask the right questions before finalizing any vendor. Sometimes there are loopholes which go unnoticed and can surface later in the project. This can have an impact on cost or time and sometimes both. Tendering sets the tone for a successful execution of any project and if this is handled professionally then the path ahead becomes smooth and enjoyable.


Periodic checks on site to make sure that the furniture is being built the way it was designed can avoid major reworks. Secondly, if anything gets neglected during the design stage, that can be rectified at execution stage provided it gets noticed at the right time. We at Green Hat Studio always believe that as your home interior designer, we should at least bring monetary benefits that equals their design fee. Then only can it be a win-win situation for clients as well as the designers.