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Top 10 questions to discuss while hiring an Architect

Nov - 24

Top 10 questions to discuss while hiring an Architect

professional architectLooking to hire an Architect or an Interior designer? Even if you are consulting professional architects or even if they are known or unknown there are certain things that have to be understood before you hire him/her for the job. These are basic questions but will help you get the right candidate on board.

  1. What is their design principal? It is important to understand if the Architect gives you a product, which is workable, visually pleasing, climate responsive and respects the clients brief. These are basic parameters and Architect has to show sensitivity to all of them without any compromise. This will tell you how passionate he is about the work that he is doing.
  2. How do they operate? It is important to understand if the professional has a team or he is working individually. This will let you know the next in command who will take charge in absentia of the Principal architect. Work should not stop because of absence of one person. There has to be a system in place to achieve the desired result.
  3. From where do they operate?Does the professional have an office or does he operate from home? In any case you should know the location and try and visit the place so that you know where to find the person incase he/she is not responding.
  4. Experience:Experience always comes handy. It is important to check if the Architect has worked on similar projects earlier. It can even be under some other office. It is important to know that he/she understands the entire process and has gone through it in the past.
  5. Do they have a team of other consultants:Designing a structure demands involvement of many other agencies apart from an Architect like Structural consultants, Landscape consultants, Liasoning consultants etc. Architects should have worked with them in the past so that co-ordination is not an issue in the long run.
  6. What is the fee of the Architect?Fees is something that should be clear in the first meeting itself and there should not be any ambiguity in that.
  7. Understanding of design process:Design goes through various stages of refinement from concept stage to design development stage. It is important to understand each and every stage and what are the deliverables involved in it. Also, every stage needs an approval from the client so that rework is avoided on a later date and client becomes part of the process instead of completely relying on the architect.
  8. Involvement in execution stage:There are various stages where it is important for Architects to do quality checks at site. For example centerline checks, plinth level checking, slab checking, brickwork checking, checking of finishes etc. These are important stages and Architect has to make sure that everything is as per the drawings issued to the contractor.
  9. Schedule of deliverables:Whatever the process is, it is important to understand the schedule of deliverables so that project finishes as planned.
  10. Revisions: Something which asks for rework after the approval is given is called a revision. It has to be understood and agreed upon by both parties. This can become a point of contention on a later date if not agreed upon at the initial stage itself.

Hiring an Architect

Hiring a good professional architect is a difficult job and one has to get it right. An Architect is the focal point in any project so you need to make sure that everything is clear and fits in your requirement.  The market is filled with designers and to shortlist the right person from the lot you need to ask the right questions. These questions will help you understand the person, his attitude towards work and how passionate he is about the work that he is doing.

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