Your House Design - Things To Be Considered Apart From Other Factors

Things to be considered while designing a house

Jan - 18

Things to be considered while designing a house

There are various aspects to be considered while designing your house.

Our core principal at Green Hat Studio is, form follows function and climate. Meaning, if you have taken care of the functional aspect and if the architecture is responding positively to climate, then the building has to look good irrespective of the ornamentation you do to decorate it.

While designing your house…

So following are the considerations:

  1. Function: While designing your house, make sure that the furniture placement is thought about and the layout plan is scrutinised time and again to check that every component is in the right place. Similar to any machine, any structure that is built should have all its spare parts in the right place. The mome
    nt you put the handle near the paddle, things will start going south.
  2. Climate: It is very important to understand the climatic condition of the place where you are constructing your house. This should be studied at a macro and even at micro level. The study will help you to allow wind when it is too hot and restrict its passage when it gets cold. Remember that the engine should get the right amount of fuel and air to create combustion inside the engine and that too in the correct proportion. Anything more or less can hamper the performance.
  3. Sunpath: Very few people take this seriously, but the movement of sun in various seasons can decide where you will spend most of your time in your house. If you observe closely, you spend more time under sun during winters and less time during summers. So if you can track the sun and design for a good winter sun in your bedroom where you spend your morning hours and obstruct the harsh summer sun from the areas where you spend your afternoon with kids during vacation, then that will considerably change the energies inside the house by making you feel comfortable.
  4. Topography: A flat site will give you a different layout and a contoured site will have to be handled differently considering the amount of cutting and filling of soil involved.
  5. Soil strata: This will be helpful for structural designer to design the footings and the subsequent structural framework.
  6. Surrounding: A good mountain view would be encouraged by a good window but an adjacent building can hamper the privacy in your house. So study of the surrounding is important to decide the openings and their respective placements.

Along with this there are many other factors like, trees in the plot, electrical cables, sewage disposal, water supply etc that needs to be understood before finalising the design of your house

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